Amazon mega corp and CIA owned Washington Post reports Trump’s travel ban on 6 Muslim countries goes into effect. Iran’s on the list, even though they never attacked us. The US government did overthrow Iran’s democratic government in 1953, but fuck history- it’s so pre post modern. Speaking of fuck history, everyone take your collective amnesia pill and forget that Saudi Arabia participated in the 9/11 attacks, as well as spread Islamic terrorism all over the big blue marble. Why aren’t the Saudis on the list? When you spoon with international financiers, Big Oil, Israel, the surveillance state industry, the Military Industrial Complex, and own mega shares in all the big multinational corps, you can do whatever the fuck you want- even execute people for witchcraft.

As a general rule, if the U.S. Military Industrial Complex Einstatzgruppen are going to exterminate Muslims, it’s probably not the best idea to bring millions of pissed off ISIS infiltrated military age male Muslim survivors into the country like the George Soros globalists are doing in Europe. Of course we could just stop blowing up and invading Muslim countries, but that would shrink bankster, and “defense” contractor profits. And without the phony War on Terror, the U.S. Constitutional Republic could never have been replaced with our current neoliberal dictatorship. Enjoy the show kids. You paid for it.

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