Author: Richard Solomon

Chris Hedges explores a US Christian Fascist Dystopia

In his Truthdig article Trump and the Christian Fascists, Chris Hedges explores a possible dystopian Evangelical Christian American Dictatorship. Evangelicals pray for Jesus to return to take over as global dictator, but until that happens,  most will settle for a holy roller human facsimile. This flesh and blood leader won’t be a peace, love, and turn the cheek kind of guy, but rather a Christian Taliban fire and brimstone Salem witch burning faux-patriot.

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Make America Great Again- smoke cigarettes.

Smoking is bad for your health. You probably know that. So are lots of things. In a semi-free society you should get the adulterated facts, and make your own choices. I understand banning cigarette smoking in bars and restaurants. A lot of people don’t want to smell like an ashtray after a night out, and cigarette smoke spoils some people’s appetites. If you’re old enough to have slept in a hotel smoking room, you know they could stink something awful.

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