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Why Trump wants to scrap the Iran deal

Trump wants to scrap the Iran nuclear deal. One can postulate as to the reasons. To create profits for the war machine and oil companies. To hurt the Russia Iran alliance. To bolster Saudi Arabia and Israel. To protect the corporate proxy army ISIS. To usher in WW 3. Outside of committing mass genocide and destroying societies, the deep state has failed to subjugate Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, and Libya. Barring the defense contractors, bankers, and energy corporations short term profits from the carnage- long term hegemony was not achieved. Taking out Iran is a continuation of the same old neocon strategy, and will end in even more horrific results- for the former US republic now vassal state, and the planet.

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NYC Developers Build Another Absentee Oligarch Luxury Skyscraper

Manhattan rents rocket to the upper stratosphere as a Goldman Sachs financed Empire State Building sized plutocrat condominium called 53W53 drives more of the working/middle class out of the city. They turned a once vibrant and diverse city into a sterile island of investment banking so absentee foreign oligarchs can add more off shore real estate investments to their portfolios. An 65th floor apartment at W53W goes for around 45 million dollars.

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Dennis Kucinich urges UN to ban nuclear weapons

One of the greatest existential threats facing the human race and the planet is the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Our government has reached such a level of suicidal insanity that talk of US nuke reduction has become as fantastical as sprouting wings and skiing down a rainbow. Even with his fascist tendencies, former President Richard Nixon reduced the nuclear arsenal when he signed off on the SALT I  treaty with the Soviets. Fast forward to Barack Obama giving a taxpayer funded trillion dollar upgrade of the US nuclear arsenal, and Donald Trump never meeting a military budget he didn’t want to increase.

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Chris Hedges on “The Silencing of Dissent”

As the US sinks rapidly into the abyss of high tech-low consciousness neoliberal totalitarianism, the push to silence critics of the system increases proportionally to the rate of descent. Clintonite Corporate Democrats, Lindsey Graham Neocon Republicans, and Trump Thug Republicans battle each other over spoils and control of fiefdoms, while all of them continue to unquestioningly serve the same moneyed interests- namely the bank cartels, Military Industrial Complex, and various multinational corporations.

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Chris Hedges presents “Day After Tomorrow” global warming scenario

Chris Hedges wrote another interesting doomsday scenario piece on Global Warming. I’m personally more concerned by the Fukushima radioactivity, the poisoning of drinking water and air, and species extinction, than rising sea levels,  but it’s all related. In retrospect Global Warming was probably the wrong term to use. People don’t mind being a little warmer. Fossil fuels, nuclear energy, chemical waste, factory farming, and multiple Mt. Everest sized piles of trash are killing the planet. The scientists should’ve called the problem Planet Extermination Poisoning, rather than Global Warming.

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