Neoliberal corporatist mouthpiece BBC reports China opened up its first foreign military base in the African nation of Djibouti.  Africa has trillions of dollars worth of minerals and natural resources that everyone wants. The United States corporatocracy acquires these natural resources through African destabilization, i.e., arming terrorist groups, supporting bloodthirsty dictatorships, creating civil wars- often under the auspice of the phony War on Terror.

The Chinese have a different strategy. They go into an African country, pass out the requisite bribes to the politicians, and build infrastructure like roads and railways that help the average person. Granted, the system’s still exploitative to the Africans in that China takes out a much larger dollar value in minerals than what they invest into the country. But at least the local people gain something from the transaction, and no one gets killed.

Given the two choices, I prefer the Chinese strategy. Some might accuse me of disloyalty to the United States. That would be true if the Constitutional Republic of the United States still existed, but that specimen went the way of the Dodo bird after the 9/11 coup d’état.  What rules today is a genocidal neoliberal corporatist militarized financialized malignancy that poses a greater threat to the average US citizen than any external enemy the former United States ever faced- including Stalin’s USSR and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

We don’t have to steal from Africa, or anybody else. With its fertile soil, abundant water supply, and the potential for unlimited cheap renewable clean solar and wind energy, the United States could be a self contained paradise. Instead, the kleptocratic corporatist monsters poison the soil with pesticides and petroleum based fertilizers, contaminate the water with toxic chemical run off, fracking, and oil pipelines, and push us into trillion dollar bankrupting endless foreign wars so Big Oil can perpetuate their petroleum planet killing paradigm.

We have reached the stage of technological development where we can destroy the planet, or end war and poverty.  Mindless drudgery labor can now be replaced with automation and robotics. Mass automation can go two ways: 1) A nation of unemployed hungry peasants crowded into mega-slums, and marked for eventual culling, or 2) an educated and aware populace that pursues the arts, sciences, kung fu, or anything else that advances human development- especially space travel. The Big Lebowski “Dude” types could smoke weed and go bowling. Where ever your purpose and passion takes you.

The psychotic ruling elites feed off fear, and chaos. They want a planet of frightened rabid sheep who are in a continual state of anxiety, depression, or rage. Are you going to be able to pay your next health insurance premium? Will you get fired from your job, and wind up on the streets? Will ISIS blow you up? Will the Russians attack? And if it gets too much for you, trust your brain to Big Pharma, and take some of their Brave New World mental meds to numb you out, and give you ten new side effects that will require ten new medications.

This is the slave consciousness that is reinforced 24/7 by a complicit corporate media. If we want to transition from a Type Zero Civilization into a Type 1, every awakened person must wake up as many non-awake people as they can. It’s going to take a consciousness revolution to save us, not the standard violent kind that ushers in the next bunch of psychopaths who repeat the cycle all over again.

So sorry, I don’t give a damn that the Chinese set up a military base in Africa. After the consciousness revolution, they can turn it into a solar powered amusement park.