Chris Hedges wrote another interesting doomsday scenario piece on Global Warming. I’m personally more concerned by the Fukushima radioactivity, the poisoning of drinking water and air, and species extinction, than rising sea levels,  but it’s all related. In retrospect Global Warming was probably the wrong term to use. People don’t mind being a little warmer. Fossil fuels, nuclear energy, chemical waste, factory farming, and multiple Mt. Everest sized piles of trash are killing the planet. The scientists should’ve called the problem Planet Extermination Poisoning, rather than Global Warming.

Oh well, that’s what happens when Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, and George Soros try to cash in on a catastrophic event. Global Warming, an environmental pollution problem that could’ve been fixed by changing the power grid to solar, wind, and cold fusion, became a PR campaign for Cap and Trade, an emissions commodities market parasite scheme created by the globalists and bank cartels to shake down industry.  Cap and Trade would do nothing to stem pollution. The ruling elite parasites have more money than they could spend in a million lifetimes, but they’ll crash the planet to make a few extra bucks off another grand rip off. Use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy needs to stop ASAP, but it’s vital that no one person or corporation own the sun, and wind. Limitless clean renewable energy should be free and accessible to every individual human, home, town, city, and business entity on planet Earth. That’s what it takes to move from a Type Zero to Type 1 civilization.

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