Whether the shithouse implodes under Trump, or the next global elite vetted criminal is hard to say. But for an interesting “what if”, consider a hypothetical collapse under Trump’s watch. The catalyst for this apocalypse- catastrophic economic meltdown.

Opening scene: Like a nest of ravenous termites devouring our nation’s foundation, the Military Industrial Complex, multinational corporations, banking cartels, and corrupt politicians finally bring down the house of USA. America- bankrupted beyond recovery.

Bank shut downs, credit freezes, mass unemployment, dissolution of social benefits, pension obliteration, energy grid blackouts, soaring crime rates, riots, and food shortages send society into Titanic hit the iceberg chaos. Whatever money can still be borrowed gets turned over to the Wall Street Mafia- all while average citizens lose everything.

Martial law will be implemented to control the public’s volcanic rage. Thanks to Obama’s evisceration of the Constitution and Trump’s placement of anti-civil liberty authoritarians in key security positions, the transition from our current corporatist sham democracy to full Nazi style dictatorship should be that much easier. Trump will probably retain empty symbols of the former USA, such as the Pledge of Allegiance and national anthem.

To direct attention away from the ruling elite’s incompetence and corruption, Trump must quickly find a vulnerable group to scapegoat. Some possible candidates:

  • Muslims- already demonized, and another catastrophic false flag terrorist attack would certainly help fill up the internment camps.
  • Jews- old reliable, although it’s the lower caste Jews who will get the jackboot, while Jewish members of the plutocracy help script the pogroms, as well as join their non-Jewish oligarch pals in looting what’s left of the treasury. Citizen Journalist Disclosure: As an ethnic Jew, I’d prefer to avoid Third Reich American Style.
  • Chinese- A China dump of US treasury debt could turn our economy into the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald. Add in a natural resource war between US and Chinese corporations, a fascist media that stirs up the torch and pitchfork crowd against Chinese Americans or anyone who looks Asian, and you have the ingredients for Nanking Massacre 2.0. 
  • Immigrants (especially the Mexican kind)- NAFTA ruined millions of Mexican farmers, forcing many of them to illegally immigrate to the US. Yet again the globalists will get to exploit Mexican suffering. Better hope Trump was kidding about building that wall, as sane people might want to head south to escape the neo-fascist dictatorship.   

Once the scapegoat group has been rounded up, the regime will require new victims. Hello subversives. This is where they start wasting the White guys (Pro-democracy White guys specifically, along with people of all races, creeds, and colors with the guts to speak out against the dictatorship). Obama’s killer drone program goes local, and little Guantanamo Bays pop up all over the United States, giving the CIA a safe space to carry out “enhanced interrogation techniques” and executions on “domestic terrorists”.

Like ancient Rome, Bread and Circuses entertainment will help people forget they’ve been reduced to a Dumpster Gatherer society. As the President is a Reality TV Star, expect lots more of those type shows- and to improve ratings, the corporate media adds fight to the death gladiatorial combat, live executions, gang rapes, and other high shock value reality programming.

Wardens use the divide and conquer strategy so prison gangs fight each other instead of the correctional institute. Likewise, post collapse media sponsored race baiting will exacerbate pre-existing racial tensions to foment disunity. Since the country is still majority White, the dictatorship may opt to support a neo-fascist Christian White supremacist movement that’s loyal to the state. If that happens, it could mean open season on non-globalist People of Color, i.e. regular Black folks- although the global elites would be just as happy to issue hunting permits on lower caste Whites if racial demographics favored that move.

To insulate themselves from the hungry, dirty and pissed off masses, the one percent and its managerial class will live within walled cities and communities guarded by private security forces. These sterile luxurious enclaves will be devoid of creativity and humanity.

At some point, and this could be long after Trump leaves office, the global elites decide most humans no longer serve a purpose, as well as pose an unnecessary security threat. The population reduction program could incorporate biological weapons, killer vaccines disguised as medicine, or militarized drones and robots. Billions die in the genocide.

Another doomsday scenario involves the government provoking WW3 to jump-start the economy, and lift sagging corporate profits. With the large number of global nukes, this move could send us into Planet of the Apes territory.

What if government completely breaks down?

In the event the collapse can’t be controlled, the government might actually break down completely. Like the former Yugoslavia, the U.S. would Balkanize into different autonomous identity zones based on ethnicity, religion, ideology, or other criteria. Expect ethnic cleansing, war crimes, mass murder, and everything else that goes along with the dissolution of a country. In this fractured and weakened state, the former USA risks invasion by a stronger foreign power, in which case we’ll know how the Iraqis felt.

If things devolve below the level of rudimentary society, we will enter a dystopian Mad Max age of lawless barbarian gangs, wide-scale starvation, cannibalism, and mass suicide. On an optimistic note, post carnage pro-human survivors may come together to start anew.


Rather than suffer the horrors of collapse, wouldn’t it be better to: get money out of politics by repeal of Citizens United, break up the banks and reintroduce Glass-Steagall, reign in the Military Industrial Complex and their phony wars for profit, dismantle the security state apparatus, bring back the Bill of Rights, protect the environment and create millions of high paying jobs via clean renewable energy and the construction of an interconnected national high-speed rail system, rebuild public education, replace Obamacare with Medicare for All, and jump-start NASA so we can eventually travel the cosmos as a Type II or III civilization?

Of course the existing power structure will do everything in their power to prevent any of that from happening. We are ruled by venal depraved greedy psychopaths, who if not stopped will destroy us- and ultimately themselves.

Thanks to the corporate media dream machine and the nefarious forces it fronts for, the majority of Americans are checked out, brainwashed, ignorant, critical thinking limited, Big Pharma mentally medicated, slave labor incapacitated, or functionally insane. While most of these people can be awakened, it’d be like trying to deprogram tens of millions of religious cult members. Thus it falls on the aware minority to save the nation- and the planet. While I can’t give a historical example of a society with our levels of corruption, cruelty, and degradation that has escaped collapse, history has shown that a small determined group can create monumental shifts in the collective thought paradigm. Consciousness revolution baby.