What does the deep state have on Trump that guarantees his obedience? No doubt a swamp full of indelible slime, but first and foremost a woman who is ready to testify that Trump raped her when she was thirteen years old. Did he do it? Who knows? Sexual assault of a minor seems like something Trump might be capable of, but to be fair to the President, false allegations are made all the time, especially in our litigious society. In the end, his guilt or innocence doesn’t matter. When the deep state decides to take you down, you’re going down. Just ask John F. Kennedy. Oh, you can’t. They blew his brains out. And I think that’s one assassination that hasn’t escaped Trump’s notice.

Some of the torch and pitchfork yokels who bought the Donald Trump as independent businessman come to clean up Washington DC con job are starting to have doubts about Mr. Make America Great Again. Trump’s bombing of a Syrian airbase in retaliation for the April 2017 false flag sarin gas attack made it clear to even the less effulgent light bulbs that the deep state is firmly in control of USA inc.

Of course Trump’s warmongering endears him to the likes of neoliberal CNN propagandist and plagiarist Fareed Zakaria, who said the retaliatory missile attacks against the Syrian government made Trump look presidential. It takes an ocean of blood and entrails to satiate corporate “journalists” like Zakaria. Chicken hawks like him love to report on American made carnage from the safety of their television studios. He can look forward to many more “presidential” acts as we barrel towards World War 3- a global catastrophe the ruling elites see as a huge money making and population culling opportunity.

The deep state only allowed Trump to run for and win the presidency because they knew they could control him. Given his narcissistic megalomania, Trump probably thought he ran things for a few minutes. Initially Trump made warm overtures towards Russia- he’s probably fond of their hookers, and likely has business dealings with members of the Russian oligarch mafia. Trump also indicated he wanted to stop attacking Syria’s President Assad and focus on the CIA-Saudi-Mossad created ISIS. Too bad that type of rationality conflicts with the objectives of the criminal ruling elites. It would have been amusing to watch the designated security state obergruppenführer walk into the oval office, and break Trump down into a little sniveling obedient bitch.

While Trump, his family, and his cabinet of jackals will be allowed to take their cut of US treasury spoils, receive the appropriate bribes, and engage in shady conflict of interest business deals- the Military Industrial Complex, bank cartels, surveillance state, Big Oil, media conglomerates, Zionist and Saudi Wahhabi lobbies, and multinational corporations continue to steer the U.S.S America- straight towards the iceberg.