One of the greatest existential threats facing the human race and the planet is the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Our government has reached such a level of suicidal insanity that talk of US nuke reduction has become as fantastical as sprouting wings and skiing down a rainbow. Even with his fascist tendencies, former President Richard Nixon reduced the nuclear arsenal when he signed off on the SALT I  treaty with the Soviets in 1972. Fast forward through space-time to the twenty-first century. Barack Obama gave a taxpayer funded trillion dollar upgrade to the US nuclear arsenal, and current White House occupant Donald Trump never met a military budget he didn’t want to increase.

As the crimes against humanity and the planet mount, the US empire continues to engage in destructive behavior that hastens its own demise. Perhaps this push towards self annihilation is a built in subconscious ethical control mechanism. Kind of like the burglar who subconsciously leaves his driver’s license at the scene of the crime so the police will stop him from doing what he innately knows is wrong.

Former Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich recently made the case for nuclear disarmament to the United Nations General Assembly. Kucinich belongs to an extinct species of politician that served the interests of their constituents over the donor class. The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling that allowed unlimited campaign financing was a meteorite meets dinosaur moment for free and fair elections. 

In his farewell speech President Eisenhower warned us about an out of control Military Industrial Complex. The MIC will not only financially bankrupt us, but may very well turn the planet into an uninhabitable radioactive wasteland.

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