The creation of the United States republic was not the birth of a single entity, but rather Siamese twins. The first twin, Enlightened Democracy, was conjoined to his malevolent sibling Psychopathic Tyranny by a shared flank. Although identical in appearance, the twins possessed entirely different personalities.

While Enlightened Democracy produced great accomplishments like the Bill of Rights, and social security, the Psychopathic Tyranny twin committed infamous crimes against humanity such as the Native American George Custer genocide, and a centuries long lethal no safe word S&M session and MK-Ultra mind fuck targeting Black people.

Throughout the history of this nation, the conjoined twins pummeled and clawed at each other’s faces. Most times the Psychopathic Tyranny twin would come out on top, leaving his brother bloody and bruised. On rare occasions the Enlightened Democracy twin got a good shot in-  the Emancipation Proclamation, the right of women to vote, the middle class miracle of 1945-1965. Unfortunately the Psychopathic Tyranny twin countered each good deed with an act of unlubricated rapacious buggery- see Jim Crow, Hillary Clinton, and NAFTA.

Years of severe physical abuse by Psychopathic Tyranny twin weakened Enlightened Democracy. A succession of brutal blows took their toll- The Kennedy assassination, the Vietnam War, Ronald Reagan’s deregulation of Wall Street, Bill Clinton’s repeal of Glass Steagall.  

On September 11th, 2001 the Psychopathic Tyranny twin delivered a fatal trachea crushing Karate chop to his conjoined sibling’s throat. With Enlightened Democracy dead, his evil twin was free to carry out an unprecedented reign of US corporate terror. Grand scale military invasions, and mass murder not seen since Nazi Germany became the new normal.

Under the auspice of the endless phony War on Terror, the Bill of Rights was quickly and unceremoniously gutted. Free speech remains, but will probably disappear under “hate speech” laws. The right to bear arms is another survivor, however guns will either be confiscated, or gullible ultra right gun owners will be co-opted into pro-government paramilitary fascist gangs reminiscent of the Nicaraguan Contra death squads, or Nazi Brown Shirts.

The surviving twin that now makes up the United States has become physically grotesque. Shared organ systems and blood vessels have polluted Psychopathic Tyranny’s body with the necrotic cells of Enlightened Democracy’s rotting corpse. Advanced septicemia has turned the United States into a stinking putrid deformed swollen monstrosity that no amount of Super Bowl fighter plane flyovers or soulful Beyonce renditions of the national anthem can make beautiful.

This new US no longer produces much of value, barring the digital blink blink technology that keeps a numbed out citizenry’s eyes fixed on their smartphones. We stopped disseminating beautiful music from Hendrix and Santana, sublime literature from Kerouac and Bukowski, and brilliantly crafted films like Scorsese’s and Schrader’s Taxi Driver. Our greatest global export is now death and economic ruination.

Enter President Donald Trump. His overt pathological lying, unrestrained greed, and Reality TV click bait fantasy casino mentality perfectly represent the current United States of America. The mask is off. No longer do we need to hide corporatist killers and planet destroyers like Barack Obama behind the gravitas, dignity, and ceremony of the office of the United States Presidency.

That’s why “liberal” elites like George Clooney, and Jon Oliver love Obama and hate Trump. Trump forced them to watch a gruesome factory farm slaughterhouse YouTube video while they were trying to enjoy their hamburgers. Obama offered a happy rainbow diversity Ronald McDonald clown commercial that let the “liberals” digest their Big Macs with unobstructed conscience. Of course in real life Clooney and Oliver probably eat the highest quality farm raised hormone free organic beef. The Big Mac is figurative. The global genocide is real.

What can we do now that the US has become the most evil corporate entity on planet Earth? Armed revolution won’t work. The deep state has too many hellfire drones, Blackwater mercenaries, DEA thugs, pension slave cops, and CIA assassins to make victory feasible. Even if such a revolution succeeded, Pete Townshend was still right- “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” A Victoria Falls of blood followed the French, Chinese, and Russian Revolutions.

To avoid extinction, and help us transition from a Type Zero to a Type One civilization, humanity must undergo a consciousness revolution. Only by recognizing and rejecting the low frequency divide and conquer emotions of fear, loathing, rage, and hatred beamed incessantly by the mainstream media, can we begin to form cultural platforms based on empathy, personal growth, communal advancement, artistic creativity, positive technology, and scientific rationality balanced by transcendent non-dogmatic spirituality.

Like the two twins that made up the former United States republic, we contain the dark primal emotions of violence, and selfishness, as well as the positive attributes of empathy and generosity. Perhaps the key to our survival is not killing our dark side, for if this is a universe of duality, the altruistic states of mind can’t exist without their nasty opposite yin yang counterparts. Like a burly hoodlum who channels his aggression to become a star football player, we must sublimate our negative tendencies into vehicles that promote our collective survival.  

Yes, the US has completely morphed into the Psychopathic Tyranny twin, a hideous Dorian Gray portrait with steel razor wire tentacles basking unashamedly under the noon day sun. It is an evil empire, and will collapse like the empires that preceded it. Whether that happens next week, next year, or in eight years is hard to say. Its demise can either push us into a Mad Max Nagasaki world, or Star Trek. It’s up to us. The physical solutions are easy. We currently possess the technology to save the planet. Raising the collective consciousness to a level that allows humanity to survive is the real challenge.