Straight out of a Dick Cheney dark heart masturbatory fantasy, the US Military Marquis de Sade traveling road show comes to Africa. Shattered kneecaps, potato peeler flaying, gray matter leaking drilled skulls, waterboard exploded lungs, lychee nut popped eyeballs. Enjoy the sunny clime snuff porn US citizen- you paid for it.

The wildest freak show ever touted by the greasiest carnival barker won’t exceed the thrills and chills blow back wrought by US corporate murder and torture inc’s international meddling.  A 9/11 times a million nuke in the shipping container, an economic meltdown that makes the Great Depression look like a jellybean poker game- all so a few mega billionaire and trillionaire grifters can stuff a few more gold bars into their subterranean vaults.

The Chinese government plays it hard and mean, but along with their exploitation of Africa’s natural resources, they build road and train systems for the African locals. Not us. We grind the locals into powder, process them into Soylent Green Ritz crackers, top them with cream cheese, sour cream, and caviar, and serve them up at the King Leopold gala genocide banquet. In Africa, corporate owned governments like the U.S. can do anything.

What new vaccine is the Gates Foundation testing on the African human Guinea pigs? Anyone up for a Tuskegee cocktail? Interesting that holy halo savior Gates Foundation invests heavily in the Big Oil Corps that poison the Nigerian Delta. Wish our U.S. masters would stop fucking over the world in our name. The CIA calls it blow back, Buddhists call it karma- either way, the bill will be a real wallet buster. Better start digging your bunker.

We’ll never make Type 1 Civilization playing this game. Planet of the Apes? Mad Max? Maybe. It takes a village to raise a child, and a nuke to raise a city. A clean ocean could feed the world ten time over. A radioactive Fukushima ocean- not so much. The alpha primate model has developed a glitch. Controlling dusky bodies is a powerful globalist addiction- like shooting smack cut with African pineal glands. It’s an old European and American tradition. Slave ships packed like cans of Pringles Potato Chips. Belgian Congo killing fields, AFRICOM torture camps- all set to song in Disney’s newest corporate Broadway musical, Mickey’s Neoliberal African Adventure. Think I’ll skip that one, stay home and reread Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Or watch the brilliant Coppola, Milius, and Herr reinterpretation, Apocalypse Now. Like the man in the movie said- “Terminate with extreme prejudice.”

The Intercept’s Nick Turse and Robert Trafford report on Pentagon sponsored torture camps in Cameroon. To read their article  Pentagon Denies Knowledge of Cameroon Base Abuses- Despite Being Aware of Reports of Torture, click here.