Corporate mouthpiece Reuters reports, “Major international seed companies in India formed an alliance on Friday, seeking the support of their peers after a flurry of regulatory steps in recent months by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government. Executives from companies including the local businesses of Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Dupont Pioneer and Syngenta announced the alliance in a crowded Press Club of India conference room.”

Monsanto, the company that gave us the deadly chemical weapon Agent Orange, wants to control India’s and ultimately the world’s food supply. In their push to institute global neo-feudalism, Monsanto put a suicide genes in their seeds in order to force indentured servant farmers to buy a new batch each year from…you guessed it Monsanto. Global Research covers these “suicide seeds” in greater depth.

Even worse, Monsanto can sue farmers for patent infringement when Monsanto seeds “inadvertently” cross pollinate and contaminate nearby  farmers’ fields. RT reports on the corrupt Supreme Court ruling that favored Monsanto. Side note: Supreme Court Justice and low consciousness degenerate Clarence Thomas used to be a Monsanto lawyer, and failed to recuse himself from the case. By the way, Monsanto didn’t invent seeds, but this evil corporate Goliath wants to own the patent on nature’s most precious gift to humankind.

In the 1978 movie “Damien: Omen II”,  a disciple of Satan who worked for a big multinational corporation, tried to achieve what Monsanto is doing now- rule the world by controlling the food supply. A tragic example of life imitating art.

And speaking of Satanic corporatists- that’s why President Obama is pushing the  TPP. In cases like this the global treaty from Hell would allow multinational corporations to overrule the laws of the sovereign nation. Armageddon cometh.