Nanobots, microscopic robots that swim around your bloodstream, put the zap on cancer cells, viruses, and other bodily pathogens. Amazing. Far out. Beautiful. Brilliant. The horseshoe gloved left hook that knocked disease flat on the canvas. Sorry to spoil the Asian massage parlor happy ending.

The pharmaceutical companies who would sell this future miracle cure make the Manson Family look like the Mickey Mouse Club. Let Big Pharma inject tiny robots into the public bloodstream? Yes Dr. Mengele, I trust you. A potential life saving but super invasive technology controlled by the Billionaire Nazi Chemists Guild aka Big Pharma. Worse, the post 9/11 corporate Third Reich US government plays the role of consumer protection advocate.

To understand the Eichmann types that manage Big Pharma and USA inc., picture Donald Rumsfeld. This Nuremberg docket candidate was both a Big Pharma CEO, and the Secretary of Defense during the false flag Iraq War. You want the Rumsfeld crowd directing the nanobots that swim inside your veins?

A hypothetical nanobot nightmare:

The deep government players set off a false flag superbug bioweapon in Anytown USA. Ground zero victims drop deader than Texas road kill. Local hospitals become overwhelmed. Globalist propaganda outlets like CNN sound the warning alarm. Hundreds of millions of Americans stand in Black Friday Walmart lines for their nanobot laced shot. Once inside your bloodstream, the nanobots turn into microscopic military drones controlled by some off site operator stationed at a Nevada Air Force base.

Now the corporate government monitors you 24/7.  Get out of line, and instead of blasting cancer cells, the nanobots dissolve your carotid artery or aortic valve. Big Brother’s necro wet dream- a nation of slaves threatened with instant extermination at the touch of a button. 


First we need a mass consciousness revolution. Next, yank medical research from the claws of the medical industrial complex monster, and turn it over to publicly funded universities and laboratories who hold no vested financial interests in the medicines they produce.

Big Pharma hates curing diseases. Every drug they shit out on the market, whether for diabetes, AIDS, hypertension, depression, restless leg syndrome, turns the patient into a lifetime customer. In addition Big Pharma’s maintenance forever business model creates new side effects that require additional handfuls of overpriced meds.

Remember when scientists invented drugs that cured shit? See penicillin. If someone created a pill that permanently eradicated a profitable disease, Big Pharma would likely either buy and bury the patent, charge a million dollars a pill, or disappear the inventor.

My prescription for removing the Big Pharma cancer from our collective body? A giant suppository loaded with laser beam shooting nanobots shoved up the ass of predatory medicine.