Intriguing developments in Somalia’s post apocalyptic political scene. An end to the corruption and Mad Max violence that plague the country like a bad case of biblical leprosy? Sorry to disappoint, but even mushroom cloud Rapture Jesus would refer out that patient. Fear not General Hospital fans, the CIA boys from the MK-Ultra Institute of Lower Consciousness continue to work on a “final solution”. In the meantime, say hello to Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed– Somalia’s new president.

Before taking office, Mr. Mohamed worked in the United States as a “community organizer”, Republican Party operative, and Equal Opportunity Compliance Officer for New York State’s Dept. of Transportation.

Politico’s take on the story reads like a typical CIA contracted PR firm press release.

Politico’s take on the story reads like a typical CIA contracted PR firm press release. Not saying that’s the case here (cough, cough). Written as an ABC Afterschool Special refugee makes good puff piece, the article’s only faux legitimacy revelation is that Mr. Mohamed purchased his office through a massive bribe campaign.

Follow up question: How did an American bureaucrat earning $83,954 a year manage to fly into Somalia with the requisite number of cash filled steamer trunks needed a buy a country’s presidency without the approval and support of the US corporate government?  P.S. This whirlwind election campaign occurred during President Mohamed’s three week vacation from his Dept. of Transportation gig. A real life Mr. Smith Goes to Mogadishu.

Somalia: civil war catastrophe, Black Hawk Down, failed nation state, pirate haven. home of the Al Shabab Islamic fighters- not the ideal stop for a Carnival Cruise day tour. The US Corporatist Occupation Government however sees it as the perfect invasion destination. Rich in uranium, natural gas, and suspected of containing an underground sea of oil, Somali made the Pentagon’s seven countries to invade list following the 9/11 coup d’etat.

A small unintended nugget panned from Politico’s stream of murky yellow journalism piss water came from a quote from Mohamed’s former Republican Party boss Joel Giambra: “He (Mohamed) always said to me that the most effective way to eradicate terrorism in the United States is to stop it in Somalia.” Ka-ching!

Trillions looted from the American treasury by the Military Industrial Complex, the loss of our civil liberties, endless war, theft of global resources, genocide, bank cartel debt gouging- all crimes against humanity committed under the auspice of the phony War on Terror. Mr. Mohamed sounds like the perfect choice for a US Empire Inc regional team manager.

Sieg heil the flag, scream in orgasmic ecstasy as the Super Bowl jet fighters buzz the stadium, shoot bottle rockets from your ass at pinko peaceniks while you sing the national anthem- Corporate America has a friend in Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed. Until he’s not. Then plug in your digital cerebral feeding tube, slip on the virtual reality glasses, and watch the next high def six trillion dollar Saddam Hussein lynch party.