Manhattan rents rocket to the upper stratosphere as a Goldman Sachs financed Empire State Building sized plutocrat condominium called 53W53 drives more of the working/middle class out of the city. They turned a once vibrant and diverse city into a sterile island of investment banking so absentee foreign oligarchs can add more off shore real estate investments to their portfolios. An 65th floor apartment at W53W goes for around 45 million dollars.

When W53W is complete, it will be a beautiful building, but imagine if they filled it with thousands of studio, one, and two bedroom apartments for artists and the working/middle class instead of palatial habitats for a few select oligarchs. Neocon lunatic Rudolph Giuliani, and Zionist Lobby oligarch Michael Bloomberg turned Manhattan into a militarized luxury outdoor shopping mall during their tenures as mayor. Former NYC artists like Deborah Harry, Jack Kerouac, Alan Ginsberg, and William Burroughs would have never been able to afford current rents. Perhaps that’s why New York City no longer churns out the creative genius of yesteryear. Also gone are working class people that gave the city its soul. Corporate lawyers can’t make a Little Italy, Chinatown, or Yorkville. Another victory for planet killing globalism, and the folks from Goldman Sachs.

Manhattan seems a lot like Versailles just before the French Revolution.