Something’s in the air. It tastes metallic. Like a radioactive cloud lowered down upon the United States. Its presence has created a sense of anxiety and insecurity across the nation. And paranoia. I’m paranoid. I don’t trust the police, courts, religious institutions military, politicians, health care industries, corporations, media, banks – basically all the institutions that solidify the firmament of a modern society.

I’d like to believe in “stuff” again, but the most rudimentary research of any headline spewed by the corporate media’s beta wave dream machine is easily proven to be a lie, half truth, or propaganda. Weapons of Mass destruction- no Weapons of Mass Destruction. ISIS is bad- CIA and Saudis fund ISIS to destroy Syria. Opioid epidemic- US military protects the heroin producing Afghan warlords.

Even the most sentient talking monkeys can’t tell what’s real anymore. However there is a way that everyone, protoplasm filled sippy cups included, can determine what’s false. If it comes from the mainstream media or the political machine- it’s a lie. Simple as that. OK, perhaps everything’s not a lie- sports scores are generally accurate.

The Dresden mega data firebombing that sears our brains with continual micro-blasts of false information has left many shell shocked. Some become cynical and jaded as a defense mechanism in the burn ward of unreality, while others fall into destructive fantasy worlds.  

Humans need belief systems. We’re hardwired for them. Remove them and we float aimlessly in the terrifying freezing black void of outer space, our astronaut umbilical cord no longer tethered to the mother ship. In a state of panic, the mind is quick to grab any lifeline that helps the universe make sense again.

Trump’s PT Barnum  Make America Great Again. Marxist Trotsky Stalin Gulag Archipelago Disneyland.  A Neonazi utopian wet dream where Alt-Whites run down black clad Hasidic Jews with muscle cars to a blaring Screwdriver soundtrack. Obama’s Hope and Change corporate hit man swindle. Hillary Clinton Haiti plundering neoliberal feminism. Illuminati and Reptilian overlords. End times Jesus Juice Rapture Party. All belief paradigms work- until they don’t. When the paradigm breaks apart from the forces of gravitational reality, it often also shatters the user- whisking their broken parts away to a black hole of oblivion.

Before you insert your belief paradigm chip into your head, make sure there aren’t hidden glitches that could permanently crash your system. Human history and our primitive understanding of the physical world give a rough idea of what works and what doesn’t. Fascistic corruption- bad for an evolved society, transparent democratic institutions- good for an evolved society. It’s never perfect, and probably never will be. But it should at least be more good than bad- or maybe even excellent.