In the brilliant film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, jailhouse inmate Randle McMurphy (Jack Nicholson) purposely gets transferred to the state mental institution to avoid work detail. What starts out as a scam, turns into McMurphy’s ultimate fight to save his humanity. A major theme in the movie is the conflict between authoritarianism and individual freedom. During an interview with the institution’s head psychiatrist, McMurphy is asked to elaborate on why he thinks the film’s antagonist, Nurse Ratched (Louise Fletcher), is a “cunt”. McMurphy responds, “she likes a rigged game.”

Like Nurse Ratched, our authoritarian ruling elites like a rigged game. The Democrats and Republicans face off in turf wars for graft and power, but both parties ultimately serve the same corporate and special interests. Differences between the two political teams on hot button social issues like abortion, transgender bathrooms, flag burning, and gay marriage help maintain the illusion of democracy. Why do the high power players go through the costly charade of multi-billion dollar electoral spectacles? Because it’s cheaper and safer for them to put on an expensive magic show than declare obvious outright dictatorship. That won’t always be the case.

The so called Resistance against bankster corporatist Military Industrial Complex shill incumbent Donald Trump is led by bankster corporatist Military Industrial Complex shill Hillary Clinton, and funded by high ranking globalist bankster George Soros. If the “Resistance” ever succeeds in impeaching Trump, we get bankster corporatist Military Industrial Complex shill Mike Pence to take Trump’s place. Whatever the outcome, the elites win. A rigged game on Tyrannosaurus growth hormone.

Why won’t the major news organizations expose this rigged system? MSNBC, FOX, CNN, The New York Times, Washington Post, Atlantic, New Yorker, and every other news media outlet are owned by corporations who do business with bank cartels, defense contractors, health insurers, big Pharma, and other assorted malevolent entities. The news media never report on stories that hurt their corporate owners’ bottom line. To do so would be bad business, and career suicide for the involved reporter.

Believing the mainstream news is like believing a blackjack dealer who tells you his down card is a six when it’s really an ace. Infotainment news uses propaganda to convince you to bet against your own interests, ensuring that the house wins. As an aside, the current intellectually bankrupt dumbed down New Yorker was the magazine that published John Cheever’s brilliant short story The Swimmer in 1964. How far we’ve sunk.

Even if a few honest independent voices cling to life on journalism’s frozen tundra, they are ultimately dependent on Silicon Valley surveillance state allied digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Even the internet itself travels through satellites, cables, and wires  controlled by Verizon, Comcast, Time Warner and Cox- globalist corporations heavily involved with Wall Street.

Like North Korea, our corporate owned government has the technical capabilities to censor the internet. This ace card allows the ruling elite to digitally blackout any individual or group who poses a credible threat to the existing power structure. The potential for totalitarian abuse is worse than ever, as most historical documents have been converted to digital files. Like the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984, a digital gatekeeper could revise and edit the past to fit the narrative of their choosing. To quote from Orwell’s prescient novel, “He who controls the past controls the preset, he who controls the present controls the past.” Talk about a rigged game.

Even with marked cards and loaded dice, the crooked casino eventually folds. Suckers get wise to the rigged game, and stop playing. Imagine USA inc as a corrupt casino run by the mafia. To keep the suckers playing, the criminal bosses must constantly come up with new scams and diversions.  These scams and diversions manifest as financial hustles, phony wars, false flag terror attacks, political soap operas, dumbed down mass entertainment, social media, mental medications, racial hatreds, religious or anti-religious indoctrination, and consumerism.

The smart gambler beats the crooked casino by avoiding the rigged game. A hard thing to do when you live in the casino- or its dirty crumbling basement. Harder, when you realize the crooked casino also doubles as a lunatic asylum, and the crooks that run it are crazier than the inmates.  Welcome to the Crooked Cuckoo Casino. Smart bookmakers predict this thing will collapse harder and faster than the controlled demolition of the Las Vegas Stardust Casino. Even money says the emergency exits will be padlocked when that happens. When you play a hardcore high stakes rigged game like that, you only have one ace- your truth.