WE are unique in that we strive to present content that both exposes the crimes of the Evil Empire, and raises human consciousness to the level required to break the historical cycle of replacing one form of tyranny with another.

YOU a politically aware pro-human with superior writing skills who wants to join a community that advocates replacement of the suicidal/genocidal corporatist bankster MIC run Evil Empire paradigm with a better model.


Article parameters

Articles should be no longer than 750 words Your writing is uncensored, but your claims or arguments should have a credible and verifiable source to support them.  Please self-edit, as articles rife with grammatical errors may be rejected. Snark and wit always welcome- especially when exposing the crimes of the Evil Empire.

Political Perspective

Our political leaning is pro-human, meaning we support governments, societies, groups, and individuals who promote the well-being, critical thinking skills, evolutionary potential, and freedom of Earth’s citizens.

Submission Process

Submit your article in the email body. All received submissions reviewed.  Please take no offense in the event we don’t use your submission, as our cognitive abilities might not rise to the occasion. Like any art form, writing is subjective.

Thanks in advance for your submission, and we are grateful to you for sharing a part of yourself.

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