Go team USA- or really team oil and gas corporation, Military Industrial Complex, bank cartel, Saudi Royal, Zionist Lobby, and the team’s MVP, ISIS.

The corporate news outlet BBC reports, “Syrian government’s [sic] warplanes bombed Kurdish areas of Hassakeh for the second day running on Friday.” (Better to write, “Syrian government warplanes” -but why would we expect grammatically sound writing from this “prestigious” Oxford and Cambridge crowd run news source?)

The BBC online rag went on to say, ”On Thursday, the US “scrambled” – quickly launched – fighter jets to defend some special forces soldiers that were in the area, but did not have to engage in combat because the Syrian planes turned and left as they arrived. Much of Hassakeh is controlled a Kurdish militia, the YPG.”

Curious. The Syrian government is fighting ISIS and its radical Sunni allies. Russia, Iran, and the Shiite militia Hezbollah have joined the Syrian government in this fight. So why would the Syrian government attack Kurds who are also fighting ISIS? Why would the Kurds fight the Syrian Army and help ISIS, given that ISIS likes to exterminate Kurds?

Since most war related corporate news stories are CIA talking points, my guess is that the Kurds were promised the Syrian government territory of Hassakeh, and a US taxpayer funded weapons and financial aid package for helping the United States- and ISIS.

The Joseph Goebbels inspired BBC propaganda machine continues, “There are 300 US special forces troops in Syria. Most of them were sent there in the past few months. They support local militias, including the YPG, in the fight against so-called Islamic State (IS).”

Hidden gold strike. Who are these so called “local militias” that the US special forces are supporting? Kurds? Not so much. As reported by Global Research, those US taxpayer funded “local militias” are ISIS and other affiliated Islamic terrorist groups.

Before they can steal the natural resources of a sovereign nation for the multinational corporations, the Evil Empire must “liberate” said sovereign nation (see Iraq and Libya). In addition to mass aerial bombing and civilian extermination, this liberation also entails arming and funding Islamic terrorist mercenary armies. Bye bye Syria.

And best yet, the Evil Empire can ship the angry and traumatized primarily adult male refugees created by this carnage to ghettos in Europe in order to create the perfect storm for an EU police surveillance state.

If the globalists really wanted to help these war victims, they would build them safe zone cities protected by NATO and UN troops in the Middle East and North Africa, funded by a tax on war corporations that make a literal and figurative killing off these civilian populations. But that would undermine the psychopaths’ grand scheme.

With a constant supply of new terror attacks perpetrated by the ISIS infiltrated refugees and disenfranchised young Muslim men, many in the dwindling European middle class will gladly give up their civil liberties for the promise of false safety. What was it that dead pudgy bald guy Benjamin Franklin wrote? Oh yeah- “Those who give up their essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”  Pretty smart dude.

Don’t feel left out US Citizen-Serf. Your Corporatist Occupied Government (COG) has figured out the perfect money making scheme- fund the terrorists with your tax dollars while fighting the uber-profitable War on Terror with your tax dollars. Bernie Madoff would be jealous. Enjoy the show US taxpayer, it’s only your future social security and medicare.  Perhaps by the time you’re old and destitute, they’ll establish a nationwide corporate chain of Soylent Green suicide chambers.

Of course there is an easier way to end most Islamic terrorism. Stop invading, bombing, and destroying Muslim countries. Nah, how else are the Evil Empire psychopaths going to start World War III?