You are a talking monkey. A screaming meemee on social media. Politicians laugh at you. The power elite laugh at you. I laugh at you. I also laugh at me. I’m a talking monkey. A screaming meemee on social media. The politicians are talking monkeys. The power elite are talking monkeys who control the bananas. The big banana tree is the Federal Reserve. Bananas are valuable. Talking monkeys can buy sex with them. And other things.

You think you’re a free talking monkey. You can vote. If you can vote you must be a free talking monkey. The talking monkeys you vote for work for the talking monkeys who own a stake in the big banana tree. The talking monkey’s you vote for don’t work for you. You don’t give them enough bananas.

I ride the subway with other talking monkeys. Some subway riding talking monkeys are pretty. Some are nice. Some are dangerous. Some are crazy. Most mind their own business. Some talking monkeys want to blow up the subway. The talking monkeys who ride the subway don’t want that to happen. A lucky talking monkey gets a subway car with talking monkeys who mind their own business. An unlucky talking monkey gets the subway car with a bomb- or more likely a dangerous talking monkey. Crazy talking monkeys can also be dangerous. But usually not. Sometimes crazy monkeys talk gibberish. Sometimes they howl. When a crazy talking monkey enters a subway car they usually sit next to me. Many crazy monkeys are homeless. Crazy homeless howling monkeys.

Talking monkeys evolved from amoebas. Well maybe not amoebas exactly, but some similar speck of microscopic bacteria. That was like billions of years ago. Your ancestor was an ugly single celled microscopic speck of bacteria. Today you’re a beautiful talking monkey.

Your amoeba like ancestor evolved from stardust- or more specifically subatomic particles that were swirling around in space. You’re a smart talking monkey, You have consciousness. You came from subatomic particles. That means subatomic particles have consciousness. Or the potential for consciousness.  Which means energy has consciousness. Or the potential for consciousness. Conscious energy that creates and destroys. That’s like God. Or the Force. Like in Star Wars.

If your subatomic particle ancestor came from outer space, that makes you a descendant  of extraterrestrials.

If your subatomic particle ancestor came from outer space, that makes you a descendant of extraterrestrials. A space monkey. Talking monkeys should explore outer space. It’s part of our  molecular makeup. Before we explore outer space we better fix the planet. And our minds. Work from the inside out. We turned our big blue monkey marble into a toxic waste dump, We might even blow it up. Ka-boom. No more talking monkeys. Or anything else. Except for maybe cockroaches. What if they turn into talking cockroaches? And start the whole cycle again.