While ex-President Obama enjoyed cordial relations with China, he expelled Russian diplomats over charges of election hacking, and sent US troops to bolster NATO forces along Russia’s border. On the opposite end of the plutocratic pole, President Donald Trump has made friendly overtures towards Russian President Vladimir Putin while angering China by courting Taiwan, and threatening a trade war. So what’s up? Does the US government like China and hate Russia, or like Russia and hate China? Hang on to your propeller beanies as we rise above a mountain of mainstream media bullshit to discover the truth.

Before the corporatist elites and bank cartels that own the United States of America can gain one hundred percent control of all global markets, they must neutralize China and Russia, both of which are closed markets. Iran also needs to go, but that will be much easier without the protection of their nuclear armed Russian and Chinese allies. Rather than take on a united Russia and China at once, the international bankers and their allies prefer a divide and conquer approach. First poke Russia, and back off- then stick China, and see where it goes. Of course the western based global elites are greedy stupid sociopaths, and they could easily provoke one or both countries into a war- resulting in the destruction of millions if not billions of lives.

Why the US corporate government used to like China:

Sometime in the 1980’s or 90’s the US corporate government and China’s oligarchs reached an agreement whereby China would buy US debt, and in return the US would outsource manufacturing jobs to China, as well as buy back the manufactured products. This arrangement economically devastated US blue collar workers, but made huge profits for corporations. This business relationship between the two countries became known as Chimerica, a term coined by neoconservative Niall Ferguson and economist Moritz Schularik.

Why the corporate US government no longer likes China:

As America’s economic situation becomes more precarious, China is less willing to buy trillions of dollars of US debt- a debt that continues to massively expand due to endless war and Wall Street malfeasance. If China dumps its US debt notes, our government would be legally obligated to buy them back, however it can’t do that as the bank cartel criminals and Military Industrial Complex have already looted the treasury. The United States currently survives on borrowed money- much of which goes to pay the interest on our existing debt.

If China cashes in their treasury bills, the US corporate government has two choices: 1) stiff China and declare bankruptcy- a move that could initiate a catastrophic depression. 2) Reimburse China slowly by creating a structured repayment plan. This would entail gutting public pensions, social security, medicare, public schools as well as selling off public parklands, airports, and the kitchen sink. This move would also set off a catastrophic depression. Greece and Puerto RIco are microcosmic examples of the second scenario.

The other part of the Chimerica agreement that calls for the US to outsource jobs to China and buy Chinese made goods is also a dying dog. Chinese workers’ demands for higher pay, and advancements in robotics and automation that make human labor redundant have made China a far less attractive manufacturing hub.

The Goldman Sachs crowd’s new alternative to Chimerica is the looting of China’s financial markets- with the cooperation of the Chinese oligarchs. This was done in Russia after the Soviet Union collapsed, although the Russian oligarchs ultimately wound up regaining majority control over their ill gotten holdings.

While some Chinese oligarchs favor a merger with the globalist bank cartels, others do not not.

While some Chinese oligarchs favor a merger with the globalist bank cartels, others do not not. This takeover of Chinese financial markets by the Goldman Sachs crowd would make huge short term profits for many connected Chinese oligarchs, but it also also means giving up China’s sovereignty. China is an ancient country, and unlike their US counterparts, many Chinese oligarchs are nationalists. Furthermore, key members of the Chinese ruling class don’t trust the international bankers, and see bankster control as a repeat of British and European imperialism. This internal struggle to open up China’s financial and domestic markets to the western based global elites is still playing out in the higher echelons of Chinese politics. If the global bankers can’t infiltrate China internally, they’ll resort to external military pressure, using their US vassal state as the attack dog.

The fight over natural resources like clean water, fishing, minerals, and everything else produced by planet Earth adds another chili pepper to the Chinese-US tension cauldron. Apocalyptic destruction of ecosystems by multinational corporations only exacerbates the situation. Safeguarding natural resources for these multinational corporations is the primary reason US troops were sent into Africa via the AFRICOM program.

Finally, the Military Industrial Complex needs enemies, and China makes a good matador cape-  especially for easily distracted racist elements of the American public looking for a scapegoat to blame for failed nation state USA. One only has to go back to the WW2 internment of Japanese Americans to imagine the horrifying possibilities.

Why the US government used to like Russia

Sorry, the US never liked like Russia- at least not since the Russian Revolution, when we sent US troops to Archangel to bolster the failing anti-Bolshevik White Army. The Soviet dictatorship did in fact turn out to be a genocidal disaster, but we allied with Stalin’s USSR to defeat Nazi Germany. However as World War 2 ended, relations between the US and USSR broke down, resulting in the Cold War. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, rather than seeking conciliation, the US based globalist bankers and neocons did everything in their power to destroy and loot the Russian economy with the assistance of Russia’s new corrupt alcoholic President Boris Yeltsin. KGB trained kleptocrat Vladimir Putin took advantage of the ensuing chao, and eventually wrested control of the country from the international bankers. While Putin restored Russian independence, he also turned the country into an autocratic oligarchy.

Why the US government dislikes Russia:

Money. War is big business, and President Eisenhower warned us of the dangers of an out of control Military Industrial Complex in his farewell address. The Cold War earned trillions for defense contractors, and a Cold War 2 would earn trillions more. Of course the US citizen will lose medicare, social security, public education, and a whole lot more in the process. Hey, but at least Raytheon’s stock price will go up.

American-Israeli energy corporations also hate Russia.

American-Israeli energy corporations also hate Russia. With the help of CIA Saudi created ISIS, Genie Energy, whose board of directors and investors include Dick Cheney, Larry Summers, Rupert Murdoch, and Jacob Rothschild, was about to take control of Syrian pipeline routes and natural reserves when Russia stepped in to help beat back the oil industry’s favorite jihadi mercenary army. In addition, Putin ruined Obama’s plans for a US military invasion of Syria by brokering a deal to get rid of Syria’s chemical weapons stocks. Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Seymour Hersh exposed the false flag chemical weapons attack against Syrian civilians that warmonger Obama and AIPAC tried to use as justification for another Middle East war.

Russia itself has massive natural oil and gas reserves, and ExxonMobil and friends would love to seize them. Also the Goldman Sachs crowd would like another shot at looting Russia’s financial market. The only thing stopping them is Putin and his oligarch Mafia buddies.

Regardless of whether the bankster cartel controlled USA takes on both China and Russia individually or together, US Citizens will pay the cost with their last dollars and entrails. In their never ending quest for wealth and power, our maniacal ruling class will see WW3 as the ultimate business opportunity- and depending on how things go down, it might be their last one.