Weed heads make bad fascists. Hard to motivate them to don red “Make America Great Again” caps, stormtrooper uniforms, or swastika armbands. They rather watch Twilight Zone reruns and eat chocolate chip chocolate ice cream. Some pot smokers even suspect that the fascistic Democrat and Republican parties serve the same bank cartel MIC corporatist masters, giving tokers further incentive not to march in oligarch sponsored parades.  

Marijuana like all drugs alters neural pathways in the brain. In normal thinking, electrical impulses travel from hypothetical synaptic junction points A to B to C to D. Pot reroutes thought signals from A to D to E to K. Booze might follow an  A, C, B, D pattern, Coke A, F, D, G, and Wild ride LSD X, Z, Q, M.

While no mind altering substance is inherently fascist, some drugs work better within a totalitarian framework. Opioids like oxycontin temporarily mitigate severe post traumatic stress disorders associated with violent and ruthless societies, as demonstrated by the high level of opiate addiction found in the United States. While introspective, paranoia amplifying, violence reducing marijuana can ameliorate mental pain, it also contains properties that screw with the emotional frequencies and subliminal messages often contained in mainstream propaganda. Fascist governments heavily reliant on propaganda or “fake news” generally don’t like this.

To test the propaganda disruption theory, persuade a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton supporter to smoke some high grade pot, and then have them watch 2016 stump speeches from both politicians. While any aware mind would find these con job theatrical performances ridiculous, manipulative and malevolent- under the influence of weed, the warped machinations of both Trump and Clinton take on tsunami proportions. Whether the viewer veers towards wild reptilian illuminati Satan worshiping pedo ring internet theories, or more rational explanations for how we wound up with these two candidates depends on the way their brain processes data while stoned. Whatever the test subject’s final conclusions as to who or what Trump and Clinton are, they will at the very least find both politicians antithetical to humanity.

Weed never caught on in Nazi Germany. Other drugs flourished. Hitler’s personal physician Dr. Morell shot the fuhrer up with cocaine, opiate, amphetamine, and vitamin cocktails. High ranking party member Hermann Göring developed a morphine addiction. Luftwaffe pilots high on speed strafed Warsaw during the Polish Blitzkrieg. Einsatzgruppen killing unit personnel on the Eastern Front used both booze and opiates to help them perform their gruesome tasks.

Like the Nazis, the CIA also prefers cocaine and heroin to pot. During the Vietnam War, the CIA flew smack filled Air America planes to the United States so their Mafia connections could deliver the payloads to the inner cities. In the 1980’s the CIA  moved Contra death squad cocaine into Los Angeles to jump start a nationwide crack epidemic. Currently our tax funded drug dealing terrorist creating corporate spy agency protects the big heroin producers in Afghanistan.

Private prison lobbyist Reagan Drug War throwback and current US Attorney General Jeff Sessions dislikes pot, The Trump administration put out feelers by hinting at a Justice Department crackdown on recreational marijuana through their propaganda officer Sean Spicer. A few days later Sessions softened his stance due to the backlash. Not a battle the neo-fascists are ready for yet. Give them time. A battalion of armored DEA thugs could very easily roll through California and shut down all the weed dispensaries.

Weed, like all psychoactive drugs contains the potential for abuse. However pot’s oil and water relationship with fascism makes me strongly support marijuana decriminalization. I’d also decriminalize every other drug, not because I think the hard stuff’s beneficial, but the problem with drug addiction stems from the the mind, not the drug. Treating substance abuse as a health issue makes sense- locking drug users up in privatized for profit prisons doesn’t. Unless of course you want the kind of society we currently live in.